Hokum Creak live at the Drumlin Pub

Today's inspiring nature photo is this tender scene of a mother plier feeding her baby wrenchlings. Enjoy!

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Where can I catch Hokum Creak?

While the band is still considering the design of its fall/winter world tour (Brazil/South Korea? New Zealand/Sweden?), here is their local performance schedule for the spring and summer:

Meet the musicians of Hokum Creak

David Gronseth: bass, vocals

David's one of the few musicians to play an upright electric bass, which he says gives him superior musical leverage and rare insights. Born and raised in Spearfish, South Dakota, he came to Seattle on a dare. He is convinced that the square root of 9 is actually 3.14, and just smiles knowingly when asked why he believes this.

Paul **: guitar, banjo guitar

There aren't many people who can claim to understand Einstein's theory of general relativity AND how to make bicycle chains out of discarded cat toys, but Paul isn't your average guitar player. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about the biological sciences, and has never lived in Akron, Ohio. He uses all six strings on almost every song and drives a Jeep. 

**Last name withheld by request, but it's NOT because of any real or suspected involvement with cryptocurrency fraud.

Brian Peterka: harmonica, vocals

Brian knows, and can play without written music, every song written or performed between 1868 and 2018. When asked how he can keep all that music in his head, he explains that they're all pretty much the same, and that he knows all the notes anyway, from C through B, including all those skinny black notes on the piano. He says that his vast experience living in Antartica and Greenland also helps.

Craig Eggen: guitar, mandolin, vocals

Craig is the only band member of Norwegian heritage, and can instantly and accurately identify all 28 varieties of snow with a quick glance; no need for chemical or structural analysis.  A visual as well as musical artist, he has invented a fourth primary color, although he's keeping this accomplishment a secret until he can figure out what to call it (suggestions welcome!). 

Geoff Poor: drums, vocals

Many people wonder how Hokum Creak attains its unique and idiosyncratic rhythms. It's largely because Geoff has neither musical skill nor experience, and also seems to be devoid of any musical talent whatsoever. This lends a certain charming unpredictability to his drumming. In his defense, he once hitchhiked from San Diego to New York in less than three days, and has never been arrested in any South American country.